Mark Ramadan

Supporting The Journey of an Entrepreneur

Mark Ramadan was in college when he co-founded Sir Kensington’s (Sir K’s), a condiment company with the mission of bringing integrity and charm to ordinary and overlooked food. Within a few years, Sir K’s was poised to close a $2.5M seed round of funding. Mark knew Sir K’s finance and accounting needed more sophistication. He wanted to organize his financials, improve cash flow, and gain better insights into his company. He turned to Propeller, which supported Mark and Sir K’s through its eventual acquisition by Unilever. By working together, they forged a trusted bond that held as he continued his entrepreneurial adventure.

Post-acquisition, Mark was brought in as CEO of Hu, a chocolate and snacking company on a mission to help everyone get back to human by combining unbeatable taste with ultrasimple ingredients. This was a more mature business prepared for big growth. In order to take Hu to the next level, he again needed a financial partner that could handle the rigors of establishing processes and best practices. Propeller was, and still is, that partner.

Mark Ramadan

Since we had the right systems and processes in place and an experienced partner like Propeller at Sir Kensington's, I could focus on other areas of the business that led to our growth and our ultimate sale. As I began my CEO role at Hu, Propeller was one of my first calls.

Mark Ramadan|CEO, Hu


  1. Mark Tests Condiment Recipes at Brown University

  2. Mark Launches Sir Kensington’s

  3. Mark Engages Propeller

  4. Sir Kensington’s Closes $2.5M Seed Round

  5. Sir Kensington’s Closes $8.5M Series A Led By Verlinvest

  6. Sir Kensington’s Closes $9.5M Series B Led By Verlinvest

  7. Unilever Acquires Sir Kensington’s

  8. Mark Becomes CEO of HU

  9. Mark Hires Monisha as HU’s CFO

  10. Mark and Monisha Engage Propeller

  11. Mondelez International, Inc. Acquires Hu’s Parent Company

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