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Eric Steckel Strategist

From an early age, Eric’s passion for writing and storytelling has served him well. In a career that has spanned the fast-paced world of 24-hour TV news journalism, video production, digital marketing, and business development, he has relied on that skillset to help organizations in search of funding and growth reach and engage a larger audience. He currently serves as business development strategist for the Propeller technology team, helping mid-market growth organizations apply sophisticated business analytics to their QuickBooks data.

Eric began his career in broadcast journalism in Washington, DC working for N24 TV, a German 24-hour news channel. He honed his skills researching, producing, and editing feature and short-length news segments. In January of 2000 he earned his Masters of Communication degree in Film and Video Production from the American University before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area. He joined BARS+TONE, a digital media agency in San Francisco, and became managing partner in early 2010. During this time he developed a strategic and tactical understanding of digital media communications, and how to reach and engage a target audience. He has been applying that knowledge and skillset to an array of large and small companies in search of growth ever since.

He lives in Oakland, CA with his wife and two children. If you’re ever running the East Bay trails, you might just see him huffing by.