Greg Littleton

Senior Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer

Greg Littleton

Like most liberal arts graduates, Greg started his career on the ground floor. His first job was in retail where he had access to the adjacent warehouse learning about inventory management and distribution. But unlike most entry-level employees, he was also secretly working undercover for the parent company and with federal authorities to break up a larceny ring operating from inside the warehouse.

After receiving his MBA from the Tuck School at Dartmouth, Greg joined a 15-person professional services agency with tremendous potential but little organizational ability. Greg’s background in management consulting and skills in operations, IT and HR helped him grow Smart Design into a multinational innovation consultancy.

While at Smart Design, Greg also established partnerships with manufacturers to create high-end white-label products for retailers like Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond and Costco. He extended that offering to collaborate with entrepreneurs, helping to create a medical device company that sold to Johnson & Johnson in 2015.

Originally from California, Greg now lives with his wife in Brooklyn.

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