Justin Vatz is an experienced financial professional, with over 12 years at large and small companies, focused on helping businesses make informed financial and business decisions. Justin has been a trusted leader at a number of e-commerce startups, including Gilt Groupe, which he joined in their 2nd year. Earlier in his career, Justin worked for Johnson & Johnson as part of their Financial Leadership Development Program. He worked for 4 operating companies within J&J where he managed the finances of budgets for billion dollar pharmaceutical portfolios and medical devices. After J&J, he joined Gilt and helped develop the financial team into a well-respected partner for management. He later spent 2 years at Gilt in Tokyo where he helped guide the business towards profitability and a more stable operation. Since Gilt he has worked at or with other small startups, assisting them in optimizing their operations and making data based decisions. 
He is a proud graduate of Penn State with a degree in Finance and International Business. Outside of the office, Justin is an award-winning homebrewer, an avid cook and BBQer, a golfer, a lover of bad movies and an enduring fan of Pittsburgh sports teams.