Ross Garside Data Engineer

Ross does Excel and other platform automated report designs, as well as cube-database integrity checks.

His older brother brought home a Compucorp Model 322 80-step programmable portable calculator – the world’s first – and Ross taught himself how to program it, giving him an edge in HS math.  Ross “got that bug” of superspeed + accuracy, growing his interests in automation, LEAN process-efficiency, and Peter Senge’s Systems Thinking. Ross created and first-published how to automate Lotus 1-2-3 column sums, which became Excel Autosum.  Before  Autosum, accountants HAND-TYPED formulas for EVERY COLUMN! ( no <Copy><Paste> then). Ross’ Cost-Quoting automation sped it up 5x, improved accuracy to +/- 2% of actual costs, grew his team into five Quoters / Production-Instruction Engineers for hundreds of customers, and caused JPM Company to grow  into the world’s largest privately-held wire-harness manufacturer. Ross’ team won first place at U. of Tenn. LEAN mfg., by using Excel Forecast functions, rather than averages as taught, to predict Kan-Ban inventory & budgets with high accuracy.  The professor changed his course to Ross’s method.

As JPM grew, Ross converted legacy-data from acquired companies into Oracle production modules, setting a record of Five error-free consecutive module uploads, including AP & AR – nearly 20M lines of data, repeating that success many times after. Ross set up Generic-Cadd / Estimator & Quicken Payroll for construction firms, and programmed – from scratch – their Payroll, Invoicing, and Inventory applications. At Catawissa Lumber he worked as Cost Accountant.  Wood is an agricultural product complicated by Yield loss.  Ross automated quoting and determining optimum purchase of low vs. high grade lumber vs. labor costs, to achieve maximum profit.  He automated their LEAN Mfg, becoming the first to achieve LEAN for the wood industry, per Dr. Gene “the Wood Doctor” Wengert. At Bison Analytics, Ross created Datacube reports & Dashboards for Marketing Executives at a major telecom.  He became Bison’s first certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor, and programmed Quickbooks POS systems.

Ross studied Architecture at PSU, and has certifications from Maynard Institute Time-Motion studies;  Oracle Learning Center – Sales, Inventory Management, ERP, Product Configurator; U. of Tenn. Knoxville – Lean Enterprise Systems Design, Lean Mfg. Trainer.  Other software experience includes sql and Goldmine CRM.

Ross & wife Loretta proudly have a two sons and a daughter.  He holds globally-approved patents on a new kind of wheel that creates a unique way of lifting heavy weight in any direction. He is Treasurer for his local Meals on Wheels, and was Church Financial Secretary.  Ross is a fan of Progressive Rock & HS & College wrestling. His interests in handicapped rights were honed by his wife being freed from 4 years in a wheelchair, through a successful surgery.