Propeller Industries

Chad Kalebic

Chief Financial Officer

Chad joined Propeller with over 25 years of finance and operation experience. As a seasoned executive who has worked with technology startups for the majority of his career, Chad is passionate about helping businesses grow. With every engagement he works on, he puts himself in the shoes of his client and collaborates with the business in an organic way. His financial acumen, operating background, and love of developing new businesses helps drive his clients’ growth with the ability to mobilize all levels of stakeholders to achieve desired results.

Chad began his financial career at Arthur Andersen & Co where he audited several consumer product conglomerates and engaged in consulting for distressed companies. From there he joined a NASDAQ-listed digital entertainment company as a CFO where he oversaw the finances of two subsidiaries and corporate consolidation. Since joining the entertainment company, Chad has taken on operation and CFO roles for companies in several markets, including television, energy, lifestyle/advertising, and SaaS/fintech. Throughout these roles, he has been a part of product development of both hardware and software products, overseen accounting, operations, and shareholder reporting, and secured financing.

Chad received his BSBA in Accounting and International Business from Georgetown University. In his free time, Chad enjoys hiking and biking around Los Angeles, cooking and going on adventures with his kids.