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Receive Crypto Accounting and Financial Statements from Propeller

Build financial stability and visibility to move your business forward

Supporting Crypto and Web3 Companies in a Dynamic Marketplace

Stay ahead of the curve with the only financial services organization designed to serve key blockchain verticals, including foundations, infrastructure, web3, NFTs/gaming, and media.  Propeller’s expert teams and specialized reporting help you scale operations, launch protocols, manage portfolios, raise capital, and increase revenue.

Some of our clients include:

Supporting Crypto Finance and Accounting Needs

Get Visibility into Your Digital Assets​

Your balance sheet doesn’t tell the whole story. Propeller’s proprietary crypto financial statements give you unparalleled transparency into your digital asset holdings.


Build Value with Best-in-class Budgeting & Forecasting​

Turn financial management from a back-office function into a leading-edge benefit. Propeller’s next-level modeling tools help streamline your budgeting and forecasting process.


Raise Capital with Confidence​

Prep for fundraising success with the financial metrics and network that investors value. Propeller’s team connects you with capital solutions and investors who share your mission. ​


Partner with Industry Experts​

Avoid mistakes and accelerate growth with our pattern recognition experts. The Propeller team brings you years of experience in both blockchain and finance.

Blockchain services

Delegate to Focus and Scale

Propeller’s team guides your financial management so you can focus on building your business. Navigate challenges and feel confident when it’s time to pivot or take the next step.​

Proprietary crypto accounting and financial statements

Harness the Blockchain Compliance Infrastructure​

Trust Propeller to help you break down blockchain’s complex financial and regulatory framework and ensure you’re compliant with industry-specific rules and regulations.