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Our CFO Services for Startups Provide Accountability, Controls, and Governance

Gain valuable insights and greater visibility into your financials to propel your company forward.

Virtual Finance and Accounting for Startups

Some of our clients include

Empowering Professional Services
Companies to Grow Efficiently

As service providers ourselves, we not only relate to the challenges you face but also have the financial skills and solutions to help companies like yours. We offer finance, accounting, and fundraising support to an array of services businesses including marketing, insurance, travel, nonprofits, and more. Our team has expertise with multiple-entity accounting and consolidation, pricing strategies, and debt financing, helping you manage cash flow, maintain profitability, and find long-term success.

Best-in-Class Budgeting & Forecasting

When you’re ready to level up from basic bookkeeping, we can help you professionalize with streamlined budgeting and forecasting.

Improve Cash Flow

Stabilize your cash flow and extend your runway with expert foresight that anticipates future needs.

Get Support at Every Step

Pursuing an M&A? Need help obtaining a line of credit? Managing multiple entities across domestic or international borders? We’ll guide you through complex transactions and help you set smarter financial goals.

Connect With Industry Experts

Lean on the Propeller team and our vast network of connections to uncover industry-relevant expertise, knowledge, and tips.

Grow and Scale with Confidence

We’ll provide direction and support when it comes to growing your team, evolving your services, or shifting your pricing strategy. You’ll feel confident when it’s time to pivot or take the next step.

Future-Proof Your Business

We’re backed by years of data, insights, and wins. We know what you need to succeed and prepare for any challenges or opportunities that arise.

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