Propeller Industries

About Us

Propeller is transforming the way venture-stage businesses are built.

We offer enterprise-grade financial horsepower to growing companies – fueled by state-of-the-art technology and fifteen years of insights gained from the experiences of some of the country’s most iconic startups.

Meet our founder, Chris Fenster

I started my career in consulting before a detour into an entrepreneurial venture inspired me to choose a different path. As the head of finance at four startups, I developed a deep passion for company-building but was frustrated by the risk and inefficiency of running finance in smaller companies. I knew there had to be a better way.

I launched Propeller Industries in 2008 as it became clear that cloud software and digital documents would make it feasible to decouple financial work from the physical location of each company. Our breakthrough came with the ability to replicate enterprise-company efficiencies by aggregating the finance and accounting workload of many emerging businesses with a standard set of processes and controls and a global team.

As our clients raised billions in venture capital, my colleagues and I bootstrapped Propeller through twelve years of rapid, organic growth. We worked to narrow our focus as we methodically integrated learnings from each client experience into our service model, in the belief that Propeller’s work should get better as the firm got bigger. In 2020, we partnered with Newlight Partners for a growth equity investment to help us accelerate faster and bring more tech-enablement to the company to unlock our full potential.

Today, my original vision has come to fruition, as our global team surpasses 350 full-time people who have served over 1,000 companies and counting, including some of the world’s most successful startups.

As we look ahead to the future, we continue to build world-class talent and a next-generation platform for shared-services partnership, where our embedded teams harvest insights and share guidance to help our community of great entrepreneurs build great companies.

Why we’re different

In a sea of options, Propeller stands out.

No one has better experience in the categories we serve. Our team has partnered with some of the highest-performing companies, backed by the world’s best investors, to help build over $50B in enterprise value since 2008. This exceptional level of trust and access has enabled us to develop an unparalleled repository of knowledge and pattern recognition that delivers an unfair advantage to our client

Why we Are Different

What we’re all about

We believe that you deserve a financial partner as ambitious and innovative as you are. That’s why we created a culture that attracts and develops the best and the brightest in the business. We look for individuals who share our values and passion for helping entrepreneurs bring their vision to life.

We’re hard-working


And a little bit quirky

Down with data

Number nerds all the way

Propeller Industries - What We Are All About

Our Values

Together we’re stronger

We are “One Propeller” and believe in the power of collaboration and teamwork as a force multiplier. We are compassionate people that seek out and embrace our differences and know that greatness is achieved by integrating diverse views, experiences, and perspectives.

We do the right thing

We are guided by a moral compass, holding ourselves and our work to the highest standards. We use logic and reason to make sound judgments and always do what’s is right over what’s easy.

An entrepreneurial spirit is part of our DNA

We are passionate about making an impact in the lives of the people we engage with, in our work, and in the world. We are builders and creators, adaptable, and inquisitive – constantly striving for growth.

We get it done

We are trustworthy and reliable in our actions and own our outcomes. We pride ourselves on being relentlessly resourceful and upholding our responsibilities no matter what.

Scalable Financial Services

As a fast-growing venture-stage business, you need an agile partner who can support your evolving needs. Propeller provides comprehensive finance and accounting services to equip you with the team, technology, and tools that enable you to focus on running your company with confidence and clarity.