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Access the Expertise of our Online Financial Accountant Team and CFOs

Gain valuable insights and greater visibility into your financials to propel your company forward.

Some of our clients include

Supporting DTC Brands in a
Competitive Online Marketplace

Trying to grow your business while managing the complexities of inventory, logistics, supply chains, and marketing is no easy task. Let us lessen your load. We work with you to drive customer retention and engagement, develop omnichannel strategies, evaluate pricing models, and more. Our team of premier accounting, finance, inventory management, and fundraising experts will help you overcome challenges and harness your full potential.

Obtain Clear Visibility Into Your Financial Health

Through improvements to your accounting and financial planning processes and professionalized budgeting and forecasting, you’ll have the foundational elements to operate your business with ease.

Improve Inventory Management And Supply/Demand Planning

We’ll help you evaluate, select, and implement the optimal IMS for your company’s needs and assist with demand forecasting and production planning.

Create A Roadmap For Success

Stabilize your cash flow and extend your runway with expert foresight that anticipates future needs.

Get Fundraising And M&A Support

Pitching to investors, pursuing full-scale financing, or thinking about selling? We’ll guide you through each step of the process.

Access Valuable Community Connections

Tap into Propeller’s expansive network of investors, strategic partners, and other entrepreneurs that can support you and your business.

Run your business with confidence

Gain a thought partner you can trust to help you to bring your products to market, make more intelligent business and financial decisions, and future-proof your brand.

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