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Propel your brand with Fractional CFOs

Achieve growth success with seasoned fractional CFOs, harnessing their extensive functional proficiency, decades of expertise, and over 15 years of industry-focused pattern recognition to steer your brand towards prosperity.

What is a Fractional CFO?

A Fractional CFO is your flexible, part-time financial solution tailored for smaller companies. We offer customized access to financial leverage and insights, allowing your business to grow without the commitment of a full-time CFO.

Bookkeeping and end-of-month accounting

Negotiating debt arrangements

Forecasting business cash, revenue, and profit margins

Planning for business expenses

Maintaining relationships with financial institutions

Creating and managing budgets

Annual budgeting and management

Due diligence and business acquisition strategies

Why Propeller Industries?

Gain the flexibility to invest in specific services tailored to your company’s needs. Our fractional CFOs across the United States, including CFOs in Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle, are your solid investment for growth.

Not ready to hire a full-time CFO, but you know having this professional expertise and insight could change the trajectory of your business?

Utilizing a Fractional CFO Solves This Problem.

Benefits of hiring a Fractional CFO

It's never too early to
hire a Fractional CFO

Consider our services if any of the following scenarios apply:

Bookkeeping and accounts are falling behind

Forecasting for your company is too complex

Exploring new markets and ventures

Cash is tied up limiting growth

Refinancing or reworking debt is necessary

Rapid growth is expected

Financial challenges impact your company

Frequently Asked

How does a fractional CFO interact with other members of my company's management team?

A fractional CFO collaborates directly with all stakeholders within the company to achieve financial goals. This means working with all management team members as the company owner or leadership determines is best.

How quickly can a fractional CFO get up to speed with my business?

Working with a fractional CFO means hands-on support, and they can often begin providing value and highlighting opportunities right away. You can create a timeline that works for your business’s needs and goals.

How can a fractional CFO help my company during a merger or acquisition?

If your company is working through a merger or acquisition, having the key insights and strategic planning opportunities that a fractional CFO offers on your side can make a big difference in the long term. This includes managing areas of due diligence, integration of teams and services, and cost-saving opportunities.

Can a fractional CFO help my business secure funding or investment?

One of the core ways your business may benefit from working with a fractional CFO is just that – they can help to prepare financial projections, presentations, and data to help support your efforts in obtaining funding. Then, they can work to help you find the potential investors your company needs.

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