Propeller Industries

Investors Count on Propeller for World-Class Financial Expertise

Build investor confidence with operational efficiency and real-world reporting.

Propeller Industries gives investors consolidated insight across their portfolio. Using a fractional model, our experienced professional teams deliver the expert accounting, consistent metrics and forecasting, and CFO-level advice startups need without the expense of in-house finance teams.

Trust Propeller to take portfolio companies from seed to exit.

Propeller’s deep startup experience means we have the pattern recognition, benchmark data, and best practices to help founders accelerate growth and avoid common risks. Our experience, talent, and outcomes have made us the choice for 1,000+ high-performing startups.

Decision-making metrics

Get clear financial metrics and realistic projections that allow responsive, effective investor guidance.

Expansion Plans

Startup finance best practices

Set founders up with audited accountability, controls, governance, data security, and a best-in-class tech stack.


Extensive industry experience

Partner with teams experienced at working with both VC-backed startups and companies in your portfolio theme or verticals.

Industry Trends

Consistency from seed to exit

Hire a trusted partner to help your founders with accounting, FP&A, CFO guidance, CIO services, and transaction advisory.


Investment opportunities

Tap into our current and growing community of startups to identify potential investment or M&A opportunities.


Rich Network of Connections

Our staff of 20+ CFOs and executive leadership team can introduce you to the best connections throughout the startup ecosystem.

Our clients have raised money from the world's top firms

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